Thursday, September 5, 2013

preschool in the driveway

another reason that homeschool is awesome.....the giant chalk board.
School is in full swing and the we enjoyed a few learning sessions outside today.
My kids (like me) learn better if they move around and learn using different methods.
We wrote the vowels on the driveway and practiced their names, their sounds, and words you hear them in.  The 2 little girls hopped on each letter as we reviewed it.  We drew simple pictures using the sounds we heard. Star has the "a" sound in it.

Brynlee, 2
 Eden, 5
John Truman, 8m.
I says "i" as in Indian.  Do you know how many thousands of times I've heard this phrase?
I Love this time of year.

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Juf said...

Looks like fun! Just one little first-grade-teacher note (that I do NOT mean as criticism! Just don't want your little ones getting confused :-) Unfortunately, in the English language, vowels can have a lot of different sounds, depending in part on the consonant that follows it. The true "a" sound is the one in "bat" and "dad". "ll" following the "a" gives it a new sound (wall/tall/etc.) Similarly, if an "r" follows an "a", another new sound is created, such as in "star" like you mentioned, or "car", "dark", etc. Ours is an odd language when it comes to phonics, that's for sure!
P.S. I don't comment all too often, but I always enjoy seeing your princesses and ever-growing little prince!

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