Saturday, September 7, 2013

the curious lizard

Once upon a time there was a curious lizard.
A quiet little chap he was.   He rarely came out in the busy rooms of the house.
Delbert, he is by name.  He wasn't sure why they called him that.
The busy little blonds in his house seemed to favor every pet with this name.
This particular night he was feeling particularly curious.
He chose a particular wall to climb.
Up the wall he silently went.
Humm, a water cooler made a steady humming vibration close by.
Delbert, curious as ever, jumped over on the cooler and climbed to the very tip top.
There he had a high view of his whole room.
His beady little eyes twitched back and forth taking everything in.
Beside him was a shiny red cup.  Pretty.
Delbert decided to climb up the cup and look inside.
Delbert decided to go down inside the cup.
What a fun place to hide.

And that is why mom screamed at 4am in the morning.  All she wanted was to get a drink of water.


Nancy Carr said...

Maria, You are such a joy. I love seeing your children and your life in the blog. I love the little lizards we have here in Puerto Rico and always talk to them. I tell them "Good Morning, Little Lizard", etc. If I see one in the house, I tell it that it is safe and welcome. Sometimes I find a little one dead and dried out. I put it in a baggie and hope to incorporate it in a pressed flower picture some day. They eat the insects which is great. Blessings

Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

O. MY. WORD...!!! I think I would have to be carted off to the hospital and brave soul...And then, how did you ever get back to sleep?!
Never a dull moment...Love ya!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Oh my Goodness!!! LOL I think Delbert might think of a better place to hide next time. You are too funny Maria. Love the way you tell this story. Thanks for sharing it - it sure put a grin on my face.

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