Monday, November 18, 2013

mommy's little man

there is a little man who has stolen my heart away. 
I prayed so hard for years for a little boy.  And this is the one I got!

He only has 2 teeth and no hair, but I think he's the most handsome man under 3 foot.
He says mama.
Ok, he says mama and it means "food" but he looks for me when he says it!
He says Dada, banana, and a certain sound when he sees a "dog" or "chicken"
If he hears daddy driving up the road he gets so excited 
and waddles to the front door as quick as he can. 
He loves cars and daddy's tools.
He even knows that tools work on things and where they go.  Amazing.
He's growing up so quick.  In less than a month he will turn 1.
Why does time have to move so fast?

one proud mama,


JackieToo said...

Awww... Sweet little guy! :)

bashashhazbaz said...

ahhhh--he's so cute! i know what you mean--our little guy turned two this past summer and my oldest is about to turn 12! problem is i can remember the oldest at the age the youngest is now! where did the time go!

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