Thursday, March 27, 2014

He is my Provider

I love Sunday School.
  I love being the teacher.
  I love acting out stories.
I love passing out sweetie (candy).
  I love teaching lessons to the kids.  

A few weeks ago, I asked all the bright little faces staring at me to say what God was in one word.  There were many different answers, but the one that stuck with me was answered by one of my little boys.  His family literally has very little.  Not {poor} in a American standards where you haven't had a new toy this week, have to wear the same shoes you bought last month, and are grumpy because you can't order take out again today.  No, this family lives very, very simply.

I was going down the bench letting every child answer "what is God?"
"love" "Creator" "happy" …etc

The little one that {in our eyes has nothing} said, "Provider."

Wow.  When we see through eyes that realize everything you have comes from God, your faith is so much more real and there is a peace of contentment.   The little one who has nothing, really has so very much.

I love the lessons {I} learn in Sunday School.


imklvr said...

Such beautiful faces! Thanks for sharing. I always love the 'reminders' you bring. Dona

Merry C. said...

Simply beautiful! And you are so right. Blessings to you and the dear children. Merry from,

Unknown said...

God is Good all the time. Just pray always. God Bless!tfi the family international

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