Monday, November 10, 2014

cleaning up their childhood

When I was scrubbing the bathroom and took my eyes off the kids for 2 minutes....they did the usual thing and made a {huge} mess behind my back.  Same-o same-o.

Here I am scrubbing unmentionable stuff... on my hands and knees... and the 3 year old reaches over my shoulder.  She proudly displays her hands and arms completely covered with sparkling red glitter. "I just love pixie dust, mom."  Her genuine wonder of her shimmering arms knocked me off guard.

She saw beauty.
She saw ....pixie dust.
I saw a huge mess most likely involving a glob of glue, possibly on my living room rug.
Then I looked harder and saw the wonder in her eyes.

How many times have I missed {a moment} with my children and only dwelled on the work involved in cleaning up.  Cleaning up their childhood.  More then I wish to recall this has been the case.  Little finger and little minds create messes, that's just a fact.

So we went to the school desk to play some more with the pixie dust.

"what is it, mom?"
"um....a strawberry?"
"nope, guess again."
"um...a hippopotumus?"
"nope, guess again"
"um...a birthday cake?"
"mom, look harder.  It's a broken rocket ship."
"oh, I see it now"
one of the greatest gifts you can give your children {and yourself} is to play with them.  I encourage my children to dream and imagine.   Even though that usually involves a mess and more work for mom it's worth it.  Years from now you'll be so glad you did.  You want your children to remember you as that kind of a mom, not an exhausted, frazzled mess of anger.  So as you are "cleaning up their childhood" remember that it is their....childhood.  Make it wonderful.


Tori Leslie said...

Super sweet post and so true. It's wonderful that you have realized this while your children are still young.
Lovely post! Love the pixie dust!

imklvr said...

You are an inspiration to all who read your blog. Thanks. Dona

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