Saturday, April 18, 2015

perfect "splash in a puddle" weather

"But, Mom, today is perfect "splash-in-a-puddle" weather", Eden Grace
yes, I gave in.

Our day off of school started early with tip toes down the hall earlier then I wanted.  Thankfully Eden is my quiet child and carefully fixed her own breakfast and tiptoed back down the hall.  She crept in the bedroom again just to poke her sisters and tell them they get to sleep in this morning.  Her older sisters were not excited about being woke up from their dreams.  She then preceded to sneak in and lay her head on my pillow to watch me "sleep".  She quickly left when I whispered she could turn the tv on.

Moriah and Alexis went out visiting with Papa Tot so the little ones spent the morning playing in the puddles.  
My babies John Truman, 2, Brynlee, 4, Eden, 7 
Nothing bonds siblings like a little mud between their toes.


imklvr said...

Always love the pics of your family! Can't believe how fast they are growing. Thank you for sharing that with us. Blessings to you and yours, Dona

Juf said...

This is rather off-topic, but I like your umbrella :-)

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