Monday, July 6, 2015

the music of flip flops

"Come on, John, lets go hunt dragons."
"Ok, Bryn"

 I smiled at Drago as we watched the kids circle around the house.  Singing a goofy little song and waving their plastic coat hangers in search of dragons.  Normally he follows the kids to each corner of the yard.  For right now he was content settling down and just watching.  
 Suddenly John turned and laughed like he really saw one.
The kids and I spent a lazy day.  We organized a couple closets and I baked a chocolate pie from Grandma Hutchen's recipe....because I love my honey.  And apparently being in a kitchen that is 400 degrees is a new weight loss plan.  As long as I don't eat the pie.

"Mom, I love flip flops.
  They make such a beautiful sound when you walk in them." Eden, 7

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