Friday, November 10, 2017

when disciplining means a game of Candy Land

"I told you to sit over there!"
"Why did you hit your sister?"
"Don't throw that in the house!"
"If I have to get up......."

Discipline.  That ugly but very, very crucial word.  Because...let's face are ornery and will try to find their boundaries and stretch their limits.  We could sit together and argue all day about our personal opinions regarding it.  Not today.

I want to share a fresh idea that my mom talked to me about, probably before I even had kids.  The more children I have the more I see how my attention has to be divided between them and all my other responsibilities.  I know this advice is golden.

So here is a great MOM TIP:

It's in all of us to need {crave} attention.  So the next time Jr. doesn't listen or is bugging his sister and making her holler don't get frustrated at them and just assume they are a "bad" kid.  Stop what you are doing and focus some attention on them.  One on one.

I have literally seen my children transform from a wild bundle of energy into a cuddly quiet just by me getting down on their level and showing them some individual lovin'.

Your days are full.  There's no denying it.  Between laundry, lunches, and dishes....many times I feel like I'm bearly holding things together.  Today, I taught school to the older three….{fractions…ugh}, worked on phonics with the 6 year old, and the baby is half-way clean and his belly is full.  We all survived the day....SCORE.

Something else to make things go smoother:
OUR HOUSE RULE for boardgames is only 2 people play at a time.  Because most of my children are so small it is very distracting to play..say, Chutes and Ladders….when you're trying to keep the little kids from bumping the board, chewing on the cards, or forgetting their turn.  So anytime I sit down and play a game with them I only play with one child at a time.  It makes the games go much faster, smoother, and they get some "mommy" attention.

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