Tuesday, May 24, 2011

T' Time {#6}

Here it is.... Take the Time Challenge #6....
                                Break out the old pictures.

I have loved old pictures since I was a teenager.  
There's something so romantic about seeing ...
your grandma in her wedding dress, 
an aunt with no front teeth, 
or how about great-grandma at your age.

So, I challenge you to take a minute and share some smiles and memories. 
(Reverend Roy and Grace Starbuck on their wedding day.
My Maternal-Grandparents)
A Princess said, "Papa looks like Ricky Ricardo."
(This one cracked my girls up!  
My youngest sister, Monica.  She resembles my Eden so much!)
A princess said, "She has a fat tongue."
(Lee and Mona Chrisman
My Maternal Great-Grandparents
Affectionately called Lil' Grandma for her tiny size.  
When I saw her, while in the States to have my baby,
 she told me she prays for me.  
Everyone should have a Grandma who prays for them...I'm so blessed.
Brynlee's name was picked to have "lee" in it 
after her Great-Great Grandpa Lee)
A princess said, " Papa has a funny mustache."
(Some of Lee and Mona's children.  
My Grandma Grace is the oldest daughter in the blue dress.)
(Again with Aunt Monica!
The Princess's love seeing her their size!)
A princess said, " Look at those glasses."
(Dennis and Paula McNamar
my parents on their wedding day.   
A Princess said, "Papa was soooo handsome."
I agree.)
(Yes, that's me.)
(Me, my three sisters, and our cousins (Amber and Rebecca) 
posing with our Great-Grandma Mona Chrisman.  
A Princess said, " Aunt Rachel is so onery."
 These are just random pictures, taken from my family's facebook albums.  I don't have any special old pictures here in Jamaica.  Hope you enjoyed them.

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