Thursday, February 9, 2012

{Valentines} T' Bev

Valentine's Day is getting closer!
  Today's guest is another one of my college girlies.
  A lady with a sweet and submissive heart, married 4 years.
"My name is Beverly Weiss, God has in the last year changed my husband and I's life around from preparing and going to the mission field of the Philippines to turning us towards the States. Wichita Falls TX, Victory Baptist Church.   My husband, Brian Weiss became the pastor on March 27, 2011. Though this transition I have learned that my life and my family is in the hands of the LORD. God changes our paths for reasons we may not understand but through His Grace we will follow where ever He leads. 

We have two wonderful growing little boys, Isaac 2 and Matthias 10 months, and day after day I strive to glorify God with my life where God has placed us.

My t' time challenge is...
               how to organize TOO many TOOLS! 
 I have recently organized his tools in a dresser - not necessarily finding a new spot but just putting them ALL together. So when he asks where ______________fill in the blank is??? you can tell him exactly where it is." 

Have a lovely day,


Shelly said...

Thanks for the reminder, Bev. I haven't rounded up my hubby's tools and put them back in one place in quite awhile. He does appreciate it when I do that for him.

Maria, is there an update on Jannice and the baby yet? I'm continuing to pray.

Lissa said...

What a great idea! The problem I would have with it is that I more than likely wouldn't know what ________ is. ;o)

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Go ahead ..
Thanks for sharing..

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