Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey Mr. Tally man tally me Ba-na-nas

Saturday, November 28, 09

Made banana muffins today from fresh banana we bought in a road side stand. The banana’s are so sweet and perfect!

One of the families that share our yard has a helper. She is very sweet and enjoys the girls. Today she taught them how to wash clothes with a bar of soap and a brush. They had a lot of fun getting wet.

On a very sad note, someone ran over the puppy that lives in our yard. It wasn’t ours, it was the owner’s, but he had bought it right after we got here, and the girls played with it everyday. It really helped the girls adjust, because they’ve always wanted a puppy so bad. There is still the tiny puppy (Brownie) here though. He belongs to one of the men who lives in our yard.

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