Tuesday, December 8, 2009

They’re after me!!!

November 27, 09
We put up our Christmas tree today!!!! I had brought a few little ornaments with us and then I got out my scrapbook paper, ink pad, ribbons, and brads and made paper balls to hang on it. It was fun to use my “creative thinking cap”. lol. We bought some flashing red lights here and they made it soooo beautiful. Moriah said, “I just can’t take my eyes off of it.”
I washed 4 loads of clothes (thank you, Lord, for running water today!!!) and hung them out to dry. The clothes lines are very long and stretched across most of the yard. Most everyone uses tall “forked” sticks to lift the clothes high up in the air after you hang them. This lets you walk around underneath of them. This morning as Moriah and I were hanging the clothes out we were lowering the polls and when she had the top of the poll right by her face she was looking eyeball to eyeball with a big lizard who had been sunbathing on the top! “Better her then me,” I thought....I’d still be running laps around the house! lol
Next, I decided to begin the daily chore of sweeping and mopping all the floors. The tiles are so pretty after they are mopped, and it makes the house smell so nice. I had left the mop on the back balcony over night to dry out. I picked it up and used my fingers to straighten out the ends of it.....out jumped a tiny little lizard just about 2 inches long. Fast little thing.
Now to go to the opposite of little!!!!! I was upstairs and I heard Moriah hollering. I went to see what the commotion was about. Josh was helping one of our neighbors get something out of the goldfish pond. I was walking over to see...when he lifted out the biggest frog I’ve ever seen....in the zoo or any picture book. “Who says white girls can’t run????” He was soooo ugly! I enjoy (or maybe enjoyed) sitting by the pond and reading my Bible, but Moriah told me tonight that there is still one more frog in there that Daddy couldn’t find because the lily pads are so big. You have to get the frogs out because they eat the goldfish (the fish alone are 4 or 5 inches long). As big as that frog was, I’m a little worried about the puppy getting to close to the water! lol It was in the 90s today, but there is a nice cool breeze coming in the window now. The girls are laying on the floor watching 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.
I’VE LEARNED: It’s a good idea to go ahead and fill a tub of water up in the morning, cause you know the kids are gonna need at least one bath during the day. And here lately we have no running water during the day.

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