Monday, February 22, 2010

Bring your own (hush) Toilet Paper!?!

Finally the kids are in bed and I can have a little "me" time.  I wasn't going to write tonight, cause I like to have all my thoughts in order. That way my posts are "worthy" of reading...but sometimes if I don't write it down now....I forget it.  I'm sure no other mothers out there have that problem, so now you know one of my many faults.  (smile)

Today was our 5th Sunday of Spot Valley Independent Baptist Church.  My husband said we had 19 for the morning service.  I didn't count that many, but I try to pick my battles.  Of course it's good for his (cough) manhood when I put up a tiny fight and then let him win.

Church service in Jamaica is so different then in the States.  For starters, when you're getting ready, bug spray is an essential, since there are just open windows.  And I keep a plastic bag with a roll of toilet paper in it cause...while there is a bathroom at the school we're meeting's not the cleanest place in the world.  And no t.p. or hand soap.  Last week, I was taking the girl's potty, and Alexis looked up at the ceiling and asked," what's that?"  Some kids.....a lot of "some" kids....had wet some big toilet paper balls and threw them at the ceiling until they stuck.   While I marveled at the idea of how it actually stuck on the ceiling, I found myself ducking my head like they were going to fall any second.  So we use lots hand sanitizer.  Some times I wish I could dip my kids in it...especially Eden who is on a first name bases with every germ imaginable!  During the evening service I looked over at Eden who had removed her sandal and was concentrating very hard on cleaning the dirty out from between each toe.   There's nothing really to even say about that.  (sigh)

I have noticed something interesting.  When the only place I go to is church and maybe the grocery store every other week, you get to really appreciate the services.  I mean I LOVE church so much more.  I'm not suggesting that you should stay inside your house and not going anywhere, because anyone who really knows me, knows, that in the States, I love to go shopping and visiting.  But I have gained a greater appreciation for the services.  I have a blast during the singing time when the tambourines are playing and the "over an hour" sermons go by to fast! I don't even notice the hard wooden seat.

There was a lady nursing her baby in church this morning also.  Some of them place a hanky on the baby's head....some don't.  Nursing in public is not a big deal here.  Or talking to people while you nurse either.  I saw a lady walking around during our fellowship time once, shaking hands while she nursed.  Josh and I were out visiting one Saturday and a young lady came to the door in her underwear holding a baby.  Josh handed her a track and turned quickly to leave.  But she wanted to know more about the church and kept asking questions.  Normally I would have stepped up and started talking, but I was holding my hand over Alexis's mouth who kept saying, "Mom she's NAKED!!  Then I noticed her top was down also and she was nursing.  (my eyes grew large) I would have died first!

My old friends, the ants, came to church tonight too.  Eden spilled her container of fruit loops under my seat during the song service.  And after church when I was sweeping them up there were a colony of ants "going to town" on them.  I'm glad I didn't see that during the preaching I probably couldn't have sat still.  Imagining them crawling up my legs!

After the service, Josh treated us to Burger King!  So exciting.  Only in Jamaica though, do you get hit up by a window washer guy, a man selling pirated movies, and a little boy begging.....all while waiting in line for your hamburger.

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