Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who brought this Snail in the House?

This is one of the first questions out of my mouth this morning as I was stumbling to the kitchen to start breakfast at 6:45 am.  My kids were already up and running around at full speed.  So I decided to jot down any interesting phrases or questions that were heard in our house today.
6:45 am
"Who brought this snail in the house?"
"Don't step in that!"
"No, you can't have chocolate cake for breakfast"
"Stop biting the children"
"Why are you covered in ranch dressing?"
"No bicycles in the kitchen"
"Let's see...the last time I used YOUR toothbrush..I put it...." (I'm turning into my mother)
"Drop is, Drago"
"I don't think you should peel your carrot while going potty"
10:00 am
"Watch this mom....(crash)"
"Get the bathroom trash can off the couch"
"eww gross....."   "MOM!!!!"
"I'm thinking you need to change the mop water again"
"But, I love sugar, mom"
"Drop it, Drago"
"If you don't clean up this room, I'm gonna mail all your toys back to a little girl in America who will appreciate them!!!!"
(crying) "what did you fall on?"  "the ground!"
"Get your dirty feet off my bed"
"No you can't paint the dog's toenails"
3:00 pm
"Is that gum on your foot?"
"Who got frosting on the dog?"
"Hold me, mom"
"I says 'i' as in Indian.....for the millionioneth time!!!"
"Don't squeeze the lizard!"
"Mom, we have a problem?"
"When I say mixed vegetables or carrots the answer isn't no"
"I know you hate tuna, but it's good for you"
"Get your baby sister out of that box!"
"Drop it, Drago"
"plug in the mosquito light"

And the last one makes it all worth it!
"I love you, mom"

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