Saturday, April 16, 2011

Resurrection Eggs

Easter celebration is coming!  I've been reading and rereading in the Gospels about the crucifixion of our Lord.  Powerful.

My mom started making Resurrection eggs when I was younger and I think they are such a wonderful way to share the Easter Story.  My princesses became really excited as I sat the colorful eggs out and started gathering things to put in them.  I gave each of them an article to find and they were really curious.  When I began telling the story they were captivated.

Last Sunday I taught it to my Sunday School kiddos.  I hid the eggs before class and had them each find "ONE".  ("I said, "ONE"!!!!  Put that back!  You already found your egg!  Now, sit in your chair until everyone has found one!"  Yes, Jamaican kids listen the same as American kids!)

You put one item in each egg.  Open them one-by-one as you tell the story.  When I showed them the nail and the thorns the kids were very sober.  It really "hit home".  I thought they were going to cry a few times.  When we finished with the last "empty" egg they had big smiles.  "JESUS loves ME".  Don't forget to mark the numbers on the outside of each egg.  That way you open them in order.

Here is what I put in my eggs.
1. (bread)  Matthew 26:26
2. (coins) Matthew 26:14-15
3. (purple cloth) Mark 15:17
4. (thorns) Matthew 27:29
5. (cat of nine tails) I made mine by gluing rope with rocks on it on a stick  Mark 15:15
6. (a small cross) John 19:17-18a
7. (a nail) John 20:25b
8. (dice) John 19:24
9. (sponge) Matthew 27:48
10. (spear) I used one out of our Playmobil toys  John 19:34
11. (rock) Matthew 27:59-60
12. (empty) Matthew 28:6

There are a few other options that I've heard of to use in your eggs, instead of what I used.
Idea: a cotton ball with perfume on it.  John 12:2-8 Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus's feet.
Idea: sign saying "King of the Jews"  Luke 23:38
Idea: a palm leaf  Matthew 21:1-11  I used a real palm leaf to lay across the table and open the story.

I'm using them in Sunday School again tomorrow, and on Easter I'll let the kids use the eggs to tell me the story.


The Lovely in Life said...

Love the bright and cheery resurrection eggs. We bought a set years and years ago and they have seen better days but even at their worn age, we still pull them out every year and share the Easter story.

Unknown said...

I have never sen this before! Beautiful idea! I'm going to do this for my kids/nephews this Sunday. Thank you for sharing!

Kellieab said...

I love the idea of the resurrection eggs. I'm definitely going to share that with my little ones.

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