Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas T' Time {#5}

Today is the last day for our take the time to Challenge.  #5 is...
         time for our family and friends.

1. I want my girls to know the joy of giving to others.  The neighbors who live closest to us are a few couples and widow ladies who have moved from Jamaica when they were young, worked abroad and then retired back to Jamaica.

Last night we made several of our favorite Christmas candies and sugar cookies.  This morning we made Christmas cards, and packaged up the goodies in boxes.   We went around to each of the neighbors and wished them a "very merry Christmas".  The girls  and neighbors loved it.
(Princess Brynlee was trying so hard to catch up with them.  
They came back to the house each time to get a new box of "yummies" 
and she quietly and faithfully waited at the gate until they returned each time.)

2. We were able to Skype with Grandma Paula, Great-Grandma Grace, and a whole room full of McNamar's at their annual Christmas party.  This technology is so amazing.  It's so amazing for my little girls to be able to shyly smile and talk to their Great-Grandma's face..when there is a Sea between them.

A very exciting event of the day was the surprise arrival of Princess Vera Jolene.
  My sister, Jessica, welcomed her third little princess.
  Welcome, sweet baby.
My sister and I just seem to be good at making little girls!

count your blessings
#114 mommies who have babies and really love them
#115 the realization on a little ones face that they're now a big sister
#116 hospitals with good doctors and friendly nurses


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and a miraculous New Year!!! holiday hugs and congrats on your adorable little niece!

Jolene said...

What a cutsie name your sister chose! :-) And, the name "Vera" is a very common name here on our side of the world. The "little girl" nickname for Vera is "Verachka."

Merry Christmas, my friend! Love what you did for your neighbors!

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