Thursday, November 7, 2013

lesson of the mismatched socks

Dear little princess,
How often does mommy get caught up in the particulars?
  Things HAVE to be this way or that.
You taught me a lesson today with your awesome fashion sense and smile.
 I was folding an embarrassingly enormous mound of laundry in the living room.  Everyone had their "orders".  Brynlee was folding wash cloths, her specialty.  She was also assisting Alexis in matching socks.  Before I knew it, Brynlee was marching right by me to go outside in her serious fashion statement.

My overworked mother-instict raised her hand to stop the 2 year old.  But I paused and just smiled.  It may not be by the book, or proper, or even sensible...but in her own way it was working just dandy.  She was proud of the pretty socks and that she had put them on herself.  Making her change might have hurt her feelings for no reason.

I have to give orders constantly.....yes, constantly, to make our large household of little ones go smoothly.  In teaching my daughters I want them to realize that mommy is not just bossy but everything is for a purpose to train them to take care of their own homes someday (when they are 30 and I allow them to date).  So, go child, run around in the yard in your bright mismatched socks and a smile.

Time to go play in the yard.
So my life lesson for today is don't judge or be critical of others choices.  Let your children express themselves and find joy in the little things. Just set back and enjoy the colors and combinations life throws your way, not just in your preschoolers wardrobe, but in the daily things.


Nancy Carr said...

I get a lot of joy reading about you and your family. You are all so sweet and wonderful. The lesson in the socks is also to "pick your battles". Two mismatched socks is not that important in the scheme of the big things in life. Precious, precious kids. Thank you for sharing your life. Blessings

imklvr said...

I finally learned this as a grandma. Wish I'd learned as a parent. But as a friend of mine once told me, "Grandkids are God's way of letting you make up for your mistakes as a parent." I'll go with that!

Luba said...

Thank you very much, Maria! This is a great reminder that not everything is a life-and-death situation and should not be handled as such. At least both of her socks have pink in them, right? :)

~Ruth said...

So cute, Maria :)

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