Wednesday, January 1, 2014

4 new year's resolutions... for my family

a blank page
a fresh start
it's 2014
I'm a planner.  A "sit back and think about it" kinda person.  I  get a rush from writing lists and schedules to make my days more organized and purposeful.   As the new year dawned this morning I realized {with a tingly anticipation} that this was a fresh start to accomplish new goals.

I want to make changes in how my kids view me and how I'm teaching them to view life.

1. Sit More Often
If I could think of one particular place I am at the most, I know exactly where it would be.  I'm pretty sure if you looked {really close} you might… possibly... even see a wearing in the ceramic tile from my tired feet.  Do you know the spot?  It is the kitchen sink.  With 5 kiddos there is constantly dirty dishes in my home.  Just as soon as I squeeze out the sponge and lay it neatly on the corner of the sink I turn around and more magically appear…from think air.  

I've resolved to dry my hands off and sit with my kids more.  When they are playing in the yard I'll find a spot and watch them.  When they are playing dolls in the floor I'll sit and watch and listen to them.  Which brings me to my next one...

2. Listen more often
My eldest daughter is a story teller.  She gets it very honestly from her Great-Grandma Alberta.  Moriah has a story for everything and every situation.  Many times when I'm in my office…I mean the kitchen…the girls will come up to me and want to tell me something and I listen with half an ear.  Because getting these dishes clean are so important!

I've resolved to pull up a chair and let them talk about the lizard they caught outside or ramble about their philosophy of life.  Just listen.

3. Smile like I mean it
Or at least look pleasant.  I have a tendency to get ticked off easy.  I know you didn't have a clue with my outward sparkling personality.  But it's true.  Little things set me off and I just want to….to….smack something.   Or someone.  Happiness is a choice.  That might sound like a tired old cliche, but it's a goodie.  How you view things is completely up to you.

I resolve to smile more and really mean it.  

4. Turn off the technology.  In other wards, less screen time.  
I resolve to have less computers, tvs, and iPads and more storybooks, quilts on the grass, and one on one.   So with that said, I'm going to close the computer screen and go watch Leave it to Beaver with my kids.  I mean, go read a book to my kids!

counting my blessings in 2014
1. Christmas breeze
2. Mosquito spray
3. A soft lawn chair


Merry C. said...

I just stumbled onto your darling blog. I read all your post. I already love you and your precious family! Blessings! Merry from eachlittlebird

Jenna said...

Love this list!

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