Friday, January 3, 2014

lesson of the rusty needle

the girls are working on making these cute little felt thing-a-ma-bobbers.  They love making things themselves and feel so proud when they can wear them.

As Moriah was trying to push the needle through the multiple layers of felt she was getting frustrated and making {ugly} faces.

"Mine isn't working" "This is too hard"  "It doesn't look right" whine…whine…whine
Her younger sister was doing it fine and not complaining at all. After a while I had just about had enough of the rotten attitude.

Here is the lesson {more or less} that I solemnly told to her.  One of those life lessons that you just need to learn early.

Dear Little Princess,
        You can sit and complain making yourself more miserable all day long.  No one around you really cares.  When a lady always complains and whines about her problems it doesn't make someone want to help you, it makes them want to avoid you.  True.
       Now, I know your needle is a little rusty in spots.  You live on a tropical island where everything metal is rusty.  In life sometimes things aren't smooth and easy.  Sometimes you have to push a little harder and tug a little tighter to make things work.  Many times everyone else is dealing with their own set of problems.  Twist that frown into a smile.
Love, Mommy

aww, motherhood,

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