Monday, January 6, 2014

starting older children's Sunday School class

It's amazing to see God work.
Sometimes its little things.
Sometimes its gigantic.

The first Sunday of the new year was bright sunshiny and very windy in Spot Valley, Jamaica.  The room was buzzing with happy faces.

As usual everyone was running a little behind and Sunday School started about 20 minutes late.  I lead my little group of skipping little bodies in a {somewhat} straight line to a long row of concrete benches.      It is a joy to sing songs and tell my Bible lessons.
Something new this year is the older children's Sunday School class.  Ms. Avril has been a faithful member of our church for over a year and half.  She volunteered to start teaching the older children and we are thrilled.  She did a wonderful job yesterday and I can see how much the children enjoy her and are going to learn so much with her.
Miss Kesenia
Mr. Jhazier
Mr. Zedadean

"We are together again, just praising the Lord"
Counting My blessings in 2014
4. a washing machine
5. laughter
6. bobby pins


imklvr said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Praise God for his many blessings and for the woman who is teaching the older children. Yay.

Yes a washing machine is a sweet blessing I've been with out for a few months going to check out new ones shortly. Yay ;)

Happy 2014


Shelly said...

Praise God! It's such a blessing to have volunteers when you're in a ministry. It's wonderful to see the growth in your church.

QPT said...

Useful video for kids .Ten Commandments for Kids

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