Tuesday, January 7, 2014

with a sly smirk

Mama smiled at the two little squirts sitting on the cold cement step eating their peanut butter sandwiches.  She sighed and dreamed about how close they were getting and how great friends they would be their whole lives through.

"John is a pretty wonderful little brother, isn't he, Brynlee?"
Brynlee (3) nodded her head and replied with a sly smirk, "He eats my crust for me."

Counting my blessings
7. nutella
8. concrete to hose off
9. water hoses


Shelly said...

Thanks for the good laugh. :) Your little guy sure is getting tall.

imklvr said...

So cute! How nice that you'll have this blog to remind your girls...and son!...of their wonderful upbringing!! Love watching them grow. Thanks for sharing. Dona

Merry C. said...

So precious! I'll have to admit I try get rid of my crust too! Smart girl!

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