Monday, March 16, 2015

the potential of an arrow

Just a little thought today.
  Prince Charming has been shooting his bow lately.
  The girls love to watch and cheer for him.
  He even fixed up an old bow for them to practice with and they are enjoying that.
 When I was reading my Bible last week, this verse jumped out at me.

"As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth." 
Psalms 127:4

A man with a quiver full of arrows has so much potential.  It takes a lot of hours of hard work and practice pulling back that string and building those muscles to hold it steady.  He couldn't hit the bulleye the first time he drew back.  The first time the rough string scraped his tender arm he probably was ready to quit.  But he didn't.  In the end there was the reward

A mama with a yard full of kids has so much potential.  God gave her all these little ones for a reason.  With a little practice she can raise them to honor the Lord....and honor her and her husband with their actions and lifestyle.  It's not easy.  It takes a lot of sleepless nights and correcting them over...and over...and over.  There is pain in raising children to be decent honorable citizens.  There are times when you I want to throw my hands up and quit.  "Just let them turn out like the heathens!"  (I apologize to any heathen reading this.)  But in the end there is reward for enduring.
So today, look past the spills and whines and remember there is a reason and a purpose for their little lives.


Mr & Mrs John said...

I've missed your posts, Maria! Thanks for the gentle reminder. Praying you all get feeling 100% soon!

Jackie's Journal said...

Hello, We were recently in a missions conference with your husband at Bro. Shavers. He was sharing a little about your illness and I thought to myself, I have read that somewhere. DAH, I read your blog. I didn't but two and two together. Praying for you to regain your strength and get better. Jackie

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