Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Real Chickens

cousin Emi came to play today!
In the house I suggested going to check on memaw's chickens.
John Truman said, "I love to eat chicken."
Emi laughed hard and said, "I don't eat chicken."  
I asked her if she eats chicken legs to which she replied with a large smile {like it was joke},
"yeah, but I don't eat REAL chickens!"

The 3 little chicken farmers went outside to round up the flock.
They decided to try and catch some to hold.
That was a pretty hard task but they were up for the job.
They ran around......
and around....
and around... 
 and around...
 get the picture?
 finally....score!  the chicken got tired before the kids and just stopped running.
 the lucky chicken was very loved on
 and passed around and loved on
 and loved on some more.
 Aunt Christine came to play with the chickens with us.
 John wanted him on his shoulder
 but his shoulders are so tiny the chick didn't have much room.
no words only chicken love
 The cousins and their live baby dolls
 "what you looking at?  willy worm?"
  and there you have it.
John Truman 28m.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Too cute. Your kids are adorable. Thank you for sharing them with us. Nancy Carr

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